Subdividing Perth? Talk To Your Local Plumber First!

Subdividing Perth can be daunting but profitable. As Western Australia has plenty of large lots and a growing population—subdivision can be a good option for families looking to split their costs or investors looking to make the most off of their single property plot.

If you are here, then you probably already know how to check the R-codes and ensure your property is valid for subdivision. A local property group gives a good explanation of the process and costs associated with this decision.

Subdivision Costs

What you probably didn’t know is that the plumbing work needed to subdivide a property can range from 10% of costs on the low end, up to 20% of overall costs on the high end according to these estimates. Anyway you look at it, the plumbing will most likely be the single greatest cost associated with the project. It is definitely best to get a professional plumber at the planning phase of your subdivide for an accurate quote and input for the rollout of works.

Churchlands Plumbing is your subdivision plumbing consultant. We are able to assess the necessary work and take up any testing and investigating that will need to be done in order to give you an accurate and fair quote right from the get go. No need to build in expensive contractor fees for finding the right plumber. Come to us direct and we guarantee quality workmanship and a fair and reasonable quote.

Benefits of Talking to A Plumber First:

  • Pure plumbing quote so you know what the work is really worth!
  • An accurate project breakdown with timeline and order of necessary plumbing work.
  • Plumbing Inspection to eliminate costs arising from blocked drains or dodgy workmanship.
  • Project management and seamless liaise with other contractors
  • Application to Watercorp WA via their online BuilderNet system
  • Plumbers Licensing Board compliance certificate
  • Expert project management and liaison with all relevant industry bodies and regulators
  • Drainage plan and design
  • Subdividing plumbing works including the relocation of existing sewers, the provision of new sewer connections points and sewer junctions
  • Plumbing drawings submitted to Western Australian Planning Commission
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