Clean and Tidy Septic To Sewer Conversions Perth—Delivered On Time At A Reasonable Price

Churchlands Plumbing is your local plumber with over ten years experience in septic to sewer conversions. Our licensed plumbers carry out all works to the highest standards, leaving the site clean and tidy.

Why Should I Convert My Property?

It is a regulatory requirement to convert your septic tank to mains sewerage with a ten year period of mains being run past your property. The Water Corporation is the regulatory body that oversees sewer conversions Perth. Churchlands Plumbing will apply to the authority on your behalf for approval of works and complete as soon as possible once the quote is approved.

Churchlands Plumbing Process:

  • Submit necessary permits and plans to the building commission and plumbers licensing board
  • Pump out and decommission your old septic tanks
  • Install new sewer extension to mains

Why Have Your Septic Tank Converted To Mains?

Regular maintenance and de-sludging prevents build up in the septic tank which can end up causing cracks, damage, spills, and cost you increased water rates. Regular cleaning can prevent, clogged and inefficient septic tanks. Your septic tank will also fill over time and require at least annual cleaning which can set you back hundreds of dollars already.

Untreated sewerage can pose serious health risks. We strictly follow the regulations set out by the Water Corporation. If your septic tank is leaking or spilling over, it’s time to call us ASAP. We have drain cameras to diagnose the problem, and the skills to find a more permanent solution.

Also, by connecting your property to the mains sewerage you can actually add value to your property.

If your property is one of the remaining properties across Perth still connected to septic tanks, call Churchlands Plumbing to do the job right, the first time.