Pre Purchase Plumbing Inspections Perth

Pre Purchase Building & Plumbing Inspections Are An Essential Step In The Purchase Of A New Home

By taking on a small expense at the beginning of your home purchase with a plumbing inspection, you can potentially save yourself thousands of dollars. Plumbing Inspections are the lynchpin of building inspections being effective, as water damage or plumbing that is not up to code can be some of the most costly issues to fix after the fact.

Hire an expert plumber with a CCTV Drain camera to carry out your plumbing inspection!

Drain Inspection Camera

At Churchlands Plumbing and Gas, we use CCTV drain cameras to inspect clogs and get a sound idea of the infrastructure of your property so that you can go into the sale with peace of mind


A CCTV drain camera inspection can quickly locate and identify blocked drains or water damage. This can be particularly important for businesses that run with the trust that their plumbing will be operational.

Our Aim:

  • To identify potential safety hazards such as gas leaks, mold, or potentially dangerous structural implications that require works to prevent damage.
  • To provide images of defects described in the report
  • Brief description of work required to fix the home’s defects and potential cost to the buyer

What we inspect: 

Sewer Inspections : A thorough inspection of all fixtures running at full capacity to ensure there are no blockages and wastewater is flowing freely with no leaks / obstructions or gurgling. We can provide CCTV footage off all drains, locate all inspection points, obstructions and illegal work. 

Fix Leaking and Blocked Drains Problems

Have you noticed:

  • Your Toilets and sinks are draining slowly
  • You have wet spots on your walls or pooling on floors;
  • Your drains are overflowing

These are tell tale signs you could have a leaking drain pipe or blocked drain.

We will clear your blocked drains and repair damage before you purchase and without affecting your property.

Stormwater inspection: Inspection of all gutters and downpipes and CCTV footage of drains and soakwells Perth. Pooling and evacuation of groundwater.

Storm water that is not diverted away from the house effectively can jeopardise the structural integrity of the house.

Hot water inspection: Involves looking the date of installation, condition of valves, efficiency and potential remaining life of the unit and whether or not it has been installed to meet Australian standards AS3500 and AS5601.

Potential issues: Water not tempered  to 50 degrees Celsius – this is to prevent scalding, specially for children and the elderly. Tempering valve needs to be installed

Storage hot water units set below 65 degrees celsius – a harmful bacteria called legionella can breed and make you very sick. Temperature must be turned up above 65 and a temp. valve installed.

Expired cold water expansion valve and pressure temperature relief valves will void the warranty of the unit and reduce its life significantly.

Water Pressure Test: We can do a simple pressure test to determine if there are any leaks within the property on both hot and cold lines. If there is a leak we can locate it with a thermal imaging camera or listening device and help you prevent dealing with a burst pipe.

Gas: We can do a simple pressure test to determine if there are any gas leaks. We will do a thorough check of all gas appliances to ensure they have been installed in line with Australian standard AS5601.

Gas Appliance Services that have been installed incorrectly and not maintained can produce high levels of carbon monoxide lead to serious health problems or even death. If you suspect you have a gas leak in Perth, call us to help you prevent gas hot water heater problems.

Whirlpool forum-plumbing nightmare
By passing up on a pre purchase plumbing inspection you could set yourself up for a plumbing nightmare.

At Churchlands plumbing we work throughout Perth Northern suburbs including Innaloo, City Beach, Wembley and Churchlands. Call us today and let’s save you from the hassle of rectifying a plumbing nightmare!