Electric Hot Water System

If you are looking for an electric hot water system, Churchlands Plumbing has you covered.  We supply quality hot water system replacements if your old hot water heater bites the dust. What is more, we have expert plumbers ready 24 hours a day to make sure your shower stays warm and your dishes get done! Whether you are a commercial business or a lone ranger wanting a bath. We can repair, maintain, and help you stay sane. Call us for a free quote.



Thermann 25L Small Electric HWU
Thermann 50L Small Electric HWU
Thermann 80L Large Electric HWU
Thermann 125L Large Electric HWU
Thermann 160L Large Electric HWU


Rheem Electric 25L Hot Water System
Rheem Electric 50L Hot Water System
Rheem Electric 80L Hot Water System
Rheem Electric 125L Hot Water System
Rheem Electric 160L Hot Water System


Pricing is based on the assumption that the existing unit and pipework has been installed in accordance with current Australian standards and regulations. Additional costs will apply if current valves are out of date and need to be replaced (expired valves may void the warranty of the new unit ). Tempering valves must be installed if the change over is not a like for like swap.

Please contact us if you are unsure about the cost incurred by changing to a different model / brand.