Cost-effective Pre-purchase Plumbing Inspections

Pre-purchase plumbing inspections are affordable and advantageous to avoid potentially costly issues later down the track. When you are purchasing a new home, a pre-purchase plumbing inspection can help identify any potential issues that you might face and this gives you peace of mind. Churchlands Plumbing & Gas makes it an easy, hassle-free and smooth process and furthermore, a cost-effective solution to the plumbing status. Water damage can be disastrous for your home and it is highly important to ensure that the plumbing of your home is functioning well and safely from potential water leakage and damage. As part of the pre-purchase plumbing inspection, all aspects of the plumbing of the home will be assessed and reported upon including underground pipe work and the internal plumbing of the home. We don’t want you to purchase your dream home or investment property only to find that there are water leakage issues or the shower or toilet do not work properly. We can identify if there are any issues that could be cause for concern such as a water hammer, tree roots in the stormwater drain, issues with the sewerage pipes or a hot water system rusting away. Older properties can be prone to plumbing issues and having a comprehensive inspection means you can potentially avoid highly expensive issues in the future.


Churchlands Plumbing & Gas: Pre-purchase Plumbing Inspections

Operating twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week means that you can contact Churchlands Plumbing & Gas any time of the day for your plumbing situation to be rectified. However, pre-purchase plumbing inspections are essential for organising prior to the purchase of a new property. Whether it be a residential property, commercial or for real estate and body corporate clientele, we can assist with a pre-purchase plumbing inspection. It is a valuable and extremely worthy investment to make to ensure that your are purchasing a property that is not filled with plumbing issues or erosion and/or damage that can potentially cause major issues down the track. Prior to purchasing a commercial property whether it be a one-storey or multi-storey building, a pre-purchase plumbing inspection will deliver a comprehensive assessment and report by Churchlands Plumbing & Gas and you can be secure in the knowledge of any plumbing issues that need to be rectified or of sustainable functioning plumbing operating as per requirements. We can inspect drains via a CCTV camera and assess water damage areas if there are any. Our inspector will find out if there are burst pipes, blocked drains or toilets, water leaks, assess taps, fittings and fixtures of the toilet, bathroom, kitchen and laundry as well as a complete inspection of your sewer via CCTV camera. You can rely on Churchlands Plumbing & Gas for a comprehensive assessment of plumbing and a detailed report which we will explain every detail of so that you comprehend your property’s plumbing functionality.


The Advantages of a Pre-purchase Plumbing Inspection

There is a myriad of advantages to organising a pre-purchase plumbing inspection with a registered plumber such as our company, Churchlands Plumbing & Gas as we can assess your plumbing in a precise and detailed manner. When you inspect a home or commercial property, you may notice discolouration of the water or low water pressure or even a potentially blocked drain but will you notice all of the aspects of plumbing functionality simply by turning on taps and flushing the toilet? Probably not! While discoloured water could be the result of works carried out in the area, it might be the result or sign of something bigger at play in your plumbing. A blocked drain could easily be rectified or it might be a larger and more expensive issue to fix so a pre-purchase plumbing inspection by a certified plumber is the way to go to be safe and have peace of mind. Additionally, low water pressure could be rectified but what if it is the sign of a more serious plumbing issue such as pipes requiring replacement? It is therefore imperative that you employ the services of companies such as Churchlands Plumbing & Gas to fully assess your plumbing functionality and be able to advise you on potential issues or matters that require rectifying. Self-inspection just does not provide the necessary expertise and knowledge that a plumber can deliver and a pre-purchase plumbing inspection will be a worthy investment for your peace of mind.

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